Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Are Your Plans For October 1?

A statue of St. Therese in the pretty rose garden of the National Shrine of the Little Flower, Royal Oak MI. I took this photo on a clear blue October 1, 2010. The entire church and hallways were filled with roses!

October 1, the feast of St. Therese, is always a special day around my house. I always try to do something to show my love for the Little Flower on that day each year.  Usually I pick up a box of chocolate eclairs (her favorite treat) for the family! It's too bad my favorite bakery is closed on Mondays. Maybe this year I'll try my hand at making my own. I have a recipe for them and it looks simple...I hope!

I'm looking forward to chatting with Brian Patrick on the The Son Rise Morning Show with Brian Patrick this Monday morning, the feast of St. Therese! Tune in at 7:15 a.m. E.S.T. We'll be talking about—who else?—our lovely friend in Heaven, St. Therese! After that will be Holy Mass at the beautiful National Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, MI to have another chat, this time with the Little Flower herself. I just love October 1! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Olivia and the Little Way book giveaway!

St. Therese's feast day is this Monday, October 1! What are your plans? To help celebrate this special day honoring the Little Flower, Harvey House Publishing is having a book giveaway so you can introduce your children to this very special saint!

All you have to do is "like" Harvey House Publishing on Facebook AND share a brief special story about your love for St. Therese in the comments! One winner will be drawn at random and the contest closes at 12:00 a.m. EST on October 1.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Michigan Author Book Signing

Upcoming Events

Faith@Work Book Signing

Join us Saturday, October 20 from 11 am - 2 pm with Michigan authors
 Nancy Carabio Belanger, Michele Bondi Bottesi,and Deb Doherty!

About Our Featured Authors: 
Michele Bondi Bottesi is a mother, publisher and author at Joseph Karl Publishing, psychologist, parishioner of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Church, and producer at Apostolate Films.
She is joyfully pro-life and a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, Catholic Press Association, Catholic Writers Guild, American Author’s Association, and Couple to Couple League.
Her works include: God Moments: Stories That Inspire, Moments to Remember Your Preteen Apostolate, Your Teen Apostolate, Your Personal Apostolate, Our Treasure
Nancy Carabio Belanger founded Harvey House Publishing to celebrate the Catholic faith, the gift of life, and a wholesome childhood. Her books are part of Catholic-school and CCD curricula across the U.S. She is a member of the Catholic Press Association, the Independent Book Publishers Association and the Catholic Writers Guild.
Her works include: Olivia and the Little Way, Olivia’s Gift
Deb Doherty has spent her life helping patients achieve their highest level of function and is also an educator in Physical Therapy.
Being raised Catholic she developed a deep faith in God with the example and encouragement of her parents. She is thrilled with the opportunity to begin sharing her beliefs with others.
Her works include: The Little Angels Take A Big Journey Series: The Story of Josie #1, The Story of Derek #2

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

On the Feast of St. Padre Pio

I created this poster back in 2009 and wanted to share it with you today, on the Feast of the great St. Padre Pio. Be sure to ask for his intercession today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When A Pet Dies: A Tribute To Sprinkles

We love you, Sprinkie.

My family and I lost a beloved family friend yesterday, our little cat Sprinkles. We miss her dearly and can't believe she had to leave us so suddenly. She was only five years old but developed kidney failure very quickly.

I fell in love with this little kitten the first moment I laid eyes on her at the shelter. She was tiny and fit contentedly in the palm of my husband's hand, feeling safe and warm.  A lady passing by in her car had seen her playing in the road near an alley of a local hotel with two other kittens from her litter. She came back with a cage and some food. Sprinkles was the first kitten to take the bait. My little Sprinkles—always hungry.

She quickly became a loved friend and member of our family, forgetting her simple roots in the alley and developing quite the spoiled, prissy attitude of a pampered cat. She had lots of love to give and gave of it freely. She was not a lap cat, but loved being near us, wherever we were, just sitting and enjoying our family from a cozy position on the floor or in a patch of sunlight.  She made us laugh with her little chirpy "hellos." She let me put my ice-cold feet under her on freezing winter days. She was polite and happy.  She was a comfort and a true friend. She was probably the only cat to have ever made an appearance on Catholic radio: One day I was having a phone interview with a Catholic radio station, and she walked into the room and let out a soft "meow?" I almost started laughing in the middle of the interview but managed to keep my composure.

I prayed for roses from St. Therese, knowing how hard this was going to be. I was with Sprinkles at the end. Her sad yet peaceful eyes looked into mine and we said goodbye.  "Thank you for adopting me. I loved you so," she seemed to say.  I made the Sign of the Cross on her brown forehead and kissed her goodbye. As my youngest son Paul said last night through his sadness, "I hope she found a nice, sunny spot in Heaven."

My heart aches because I miss her. I hope to give her a big hug again someday, the kind she pretended to hate but deep down, because of her contented purrs, I know she truly loved.

When I came home after it was over, I stepped out onto my back patio to think and be by myself. I looked down and at my feet was a single yellow rose petal. It was a lovely note of sympathy from another true friend: St. Therese.

Losing a pet is never easy. God gave her to us for such a short time, but we thank Him for the happiness she brought us. God is so good to have given us such a nice friend.

Hug your pets tight tonight.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Courage," said Don Bosco. "Let us work wholeheartedly for youth. Let us do all we can for God's glory and the welfare of times we may feel tired, exhausted, or overwhelmed by ailments, but we must take heart, because up there we shall rest forever."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"I'm Like a Little Girl at Christmas!"

So yesterday I was talking on the phone to the incredibly talented artist Sandra Casali LewAllen and I could not contain my excitement about the gorgeous new cover she is creating for my third book.

She had been texting me pictures of her incredible design and with each text, I was growing more and more excited...and impatient. I told her I had to see it in person...pronto!

She laughed and told me, "You're terrible! You're just going to have to wait!"

"I can't!" exclaimed. "It looks so beautiful and I have to see the rest. I'm like a little girl at Christmas!"

Sandy giggled but stood her ground.  "Not yet!"

So I must wait patiently and continue to ogle the pictures she did share with me of her amazing cover.

And continue to write my third book. This is not an Olivia book (next one!) but a story with a completely different new character, a boy who is yet unnamed! He has one of those "place-holder" names writers sometimes give characters until they are ready to commit to the actual one. Funny how I never had to do that with Olivia, though!

I'd appreciate your prayers as I jump into this new endeavor!   A.M.D.G.
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