"I'm Like a Little Girl at Christmas!"

So yesterday I was talking on the phone to the incredibly talented artist Sandra Casali LewAllen and I could not contain my excitement about the gorgeous new cover she is creating for my third book.

She had been texting me pictures of her incredible design and with each text, I was growing more and more excited...and impatient. I told her I had to see it in person...pronto!

She laughed and told me, "You're terrible! You're just going to have to wait!"

"I can't!" exclaimed. "It looks so beautiful and I have to see the rest. I'm like a little girl at Christmas!"

Sandy giggled but stood her ground.  "Not yet!"

So I must wait patiently and continue to ogle the pictures she did share with me of her amazing cover.

And continue to write my third book. This is not an Olivia book (next one!) but a story with a completely different new character, a boy who is yet unnamed! He has one of those "place-holder" names writers sometimes give characters until they are ready to commit to the actual one. Funny how I never had to do that with Olivia, though!

I'd appreciate your prayers as I jump into this new endeavor!   A.M.D.G.

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