Just love Him!

"Frequently, only silence can express my prayer." —St. Therese

Dear readers:
St. Therese liked to say that for her, prayer oftentimes was a simple gaze at Jesus on the cross. When she couldn't think of anything to say, she'd simply be silent and think about her love for Jesus.

St. Therese suffered terribly with tuberculosis before she finally died. One evening, her sister Pauline came to her room and sat beside her. She told Therese that she really should get some rest, but Therese told her no, she was too busy praying.

"What do you say to Jesus?" Pauline asked Therese.

"Nothing, I just love Him," Therese responded weakly through her intense pain. Therese was not terribly fond of structured prayer. Does this surprise you? She was fond of silence and contemplation, which means deep reflective thought.

There was a time when Olivia could not think of anything to say to God. I think we all have those times once in a while. It is nothing to worry about. The next time you feel this way, do what the Little Flower did often: Just love Him.

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