Talking About Olivia

Dear readers:
I love hearing about Little Flowers Girls Clubs and Challenge Groups who are reading and discussing Olivia and the Little Way. I have to agree with them that it is a helpful, age-appropriate book for the girls to discuss in their meetings. I think kids can learn a lot from Olivia and her struggles to fit in at her new school, and how it relates to their problems. The Little Way of St. Therese is a wonderful example for kids your age to follow.

I also know that some of your teachers are discussing the book in your classes in Catholic school, and that is great! For those of you who don't have one of the above clubs nearby, or don't have an opportunity to discuss the book in school, don't worry. You can always start your own little book club among your friends. Why not try something new? It might be fun!

Your teachers and club leaders can e-mail me for a list of discussion questions; I would be happy to provide them! They can e-mail me at:

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