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Talking about Olivia and the Little Way with Elaine Babbish

Dear readers:

See what fun you can have as an author? You get to talk to nice people on the airwaves! Yesterday I was privileged to be a guest on Michigan Catholic Radio with Elaine Babbish, host of "View From The Pew." It is their annual spring pledge drive and Elaine asked me to come and talk about Olivia and the Little Way and St. Therese for a half hour. I was so excited to answer all of her questions and talk about how St. Therese inspired me to write the book. I also got to talk about how the book has inspired all of you, which was great fun! Three lucky winners won signed copies of the book, which I hope they enjoy!

Being interviewed on the radio makes you a bit nervous at first, but as soon as the conversation starts, you can't help but relax, especially with a host as nice as Elaine. St. Therese, of course, was praying for us the whole time. How could she not be? We were broadcasting live from the National Shrine of the Little Flower. How perfect is that?!

Have a wonderful day!

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