What A Friend!

St. Therese statue at Sweetest Heart Of Mary Catholic Church, Detroit, MI

I am absolutely convinced that St. Therese loves to give a helping hand!

A few weeks ago, as I was working on the sequel to Olivia and the Little Way, I was knee-deep in a scene with Olivia that mirrored an incident in young Therese's life. I was excited to put this scene into the book, but for the life of me could not remember all of the details of Therese's incident. Because I can be a perfectionist and wanted to do the scene justice, I became frustrated because I could not remember where I had read about this little story. I gathered all of my books about St. Therese (which are many, many, many!) and stared helplessly at them. The scene in question could have come from any of the numerous books I had laid out in front of me. Where to begin? I began to open them up and search for what I needed, but could not find it.

Frustrated, I shook my head. There was absolutely no way I would be able to find—

Wait a minute.

Why worry, when St. Therese herself would be more than willing to help me?

Of course!

I asked the Little Flower to help me find this scene from her life so I could bring it into Olivia's life.

I picked up a book at random and opened a page, any page.

There it was, the exact item I had been looking for.

True story.

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