Homeless Expectant Mothers Find Shelter

I would like to share about this brand-new ministry to help homeless expectant mothers in the Detroit area. It is called Mary's Mantle, and just the other day, they welcomed their first expectant mother, who came from the streets of Detroit. Exiting the bus, she held in one hand all of her worldly possessions. She greeted the staff and, with a thankful heart, explained to them that she is all alone in this world. Not any longer.

Today, they are expecting their second mother to arrive in much the same manner. She somehow heard of Mary's Mantle and will be taking a bus from the streets of Detroit to Southfield.

Please pray for these young women and for the staff of Mary's Mantle. Faced with unimaginable desperation and fear, they choose life. Thanks be to God for that!

Mary's Mantle:
A Catholic home for expectant mothers in Michigan

Mary's Mantle was born out of the tragic loss of a baby to an abortion. An 18-year-old girl felt she had nowhere to turn upon discovering her pregnancy last spring. She felt so alone, unloved, and frightened that she ended her baby's life. This kind of tragedy is preventable and we are called to act. By caring for each precious life, hope is restored and untold possibilities unfold. Mary's Mantle is a residential program rooted in the Catholic faith. Mary's Mantle is unique in that our approach is to nurture the expectant mothers' spiritual needs as much as her physical ones. Based on our research, no such Catholic residential home exists for pregnant women in the Archdiocese of Detroit. This is a harsh reality and something that needs to change if we are going to live and preach the Gospel.

We believe residential programs are a faith-filled response to life beginning at conception. Housing will be provided for up to four expectant mothers at a time who are at least eighteen years old, regardless of their religious affiliation. Our desire is to have a deacon and his wife in residence or religious sisters. Mary's Mantle will be a safe haven where expectant mothers can fully realize their potential as children of a loving God. Our expectant mothers will experience and witness love and healthy relationships. They will come to fully understand their responsibilities as mothers. With the help of staff and volunteers, Mary's Mantle will work diligently to help them plan for their future. We will connect them with community resources and help them find local churches who will welcome them as part of their faith community. No mater what the need is, the work will be done in the Lord's name and under the protective mantle of the Blessed Mother.

Financial Donations can be made by sending checks to:

Mary's Mantle

P.O. Box 115

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303

or thru Paypal at


Contact Mary's Mantle at:


All information and top photo from Mary's Mantle and its website, www.marysmantle.net

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