Sadly Seen In Stores: On Innocent Babies

I saw it as soon as I entered the bib aisle of a big baby store. I suddenly forgot about the baby shower present I was shopping for when I came across this little gem:

"Oh no," I moaned aloud as I automatically began to fish around in my purse for my camera, (which unfortunately I must keep handy for occasions such as these). "Another Sadly Seen In Stores."

Believe it or not, I don't like when these moments occur while I'm shopping. It's not that I mind creating these excerpts on my blog, you understand. It's just that, along with writing (which is my passion) comes the bad and the ugly. And this baby bib is bad and ugly.

Even though it's pink.

It's not just sleazy t-shirts or undignified writing on the rumps of pre-teens that is available to our children. Now babies can get in on the act! Doesn't this just boggle your mind? Even babies aren't immune to the junk we adults expose them to. Innocent babies are now walking (okay, crawling...or just sitting) billboards for our ignorant and unintelligent whims. Would you EVER put any of these baby bibs on your child? Well, they're out there. Somebody must be purchasing them...and, sadly, wearing them.

Somewhere, somehow, humans lost their dignity. Planned Parenthood would know all about that. If our society can kill innocent children in their mothers' wombs, it should come as no surprise that babies can wear bibs that say:

Why do we always have to be saying something to the world? In Olivia's Gift, Brandon remarks with a roll of his eyes about his sister Brooke's obnoxious t-shirts, "She always has to be saying something to the world."

It's unreal that parents are actually buying these bibs for their babies to wear. What would Olivia's Grandma Rosemary say? don't wanna know!!

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