Perfect First Communion Gifts For Girls and Boys

First Holy Communion time is quickly approaching. Boys are trying on suits and ties, and girls are shopping for dresses and veils. It's a special time of year for parents and their children, to be sure. Parents, grandparents, Godparents, and other family members strive to find meaningful gifts for the children on such an important day, gifts that are appropriate for the occasion (nix the Legos, iPods and video games this time, please!). They are searching for gifts that will help their children grow spiritually and celebrate our Catholic Faith. Books can be educational and fun gifts for First Holy Communion, and I have selected several that would be perfect for children during this most holy time in their lives:

Our Treasure, by Michele Elena Bondi

This award-winning (Catholic Press Association) hardcover picture book from Catholic publisher Joseph Karl Publishing asks First Communicants where our true Treasure can be found. It's a fun way for kids to learn about the search for what truly matters in our lives, with delightful illustrations by Kristina Pope. It is a great keepsake book and would be perfect for classrooms. Those who are preparing children for their First Eucharist will find this book a joy to share with their students. Available at and at its website (above).

Olivia and the Little Way, by Nancy Carabio Belanger
Olivia's Gift, by Nancy Carabio Belanger

I just had to include my first book, Olivia and the Little Way, because introducing boys and girls to the Little Way of St. Therese of Lisieux is my passion and are very popular as First Holy Communion gifts. Young Olivia learns how to deal with bullies and being the new kid in town with the help of a friendly saint, the Little Flower, who guides her on a spiritual journey of sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. Visit and other retailers. Also be sure to check out the pro-life, pro-family sequel, Olivia's Gift, where Olivia continues her faith journey with St. Therese while on summer vacation with her family.

Both illustrated books are enjoyed by girls and boys alike. Many boy readers write to tell me how much they can relate to Olivia's struggles, as well as the boy characters in the books.  Both books are used in Catholic classrooms, home schools, CCD classes, book groups, and Catholic clubs.  Teacher/parent discussion questions are available for free by contacting  Olivia and the Little Way and Olivia's Gift are both award winners from the Catholic Press Association, and have received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval, which evaluates books on their faithfulness to Catholic Church teachings.

Where Do Priests Come From?, by Elizabeth Ficocelli
Where Do Sisters Come From?, by Elizabeth Ficocelli
The Green Coat: A Tale from the Dust Bowl Years, by Rosemary McDunn

I can't say enough about these two gems from Catholic publisher Bezalel Books, above! With captivating illustrations by Shannon Wirrenga, both books explain religious vocations in simple, easy-to-understand, and down-to-earth language, with a bit of humor as well ("And yes, when a priest goes to bed, he even wears pajamas!"). It shows the process of people who are called by God to enter the seminary or the convent. You never know who might be called to the religious life after reading these fine books. Both books are a truly charming, and perfect for the classroom! Visit

Also from Bezalel Books: Be sure to check out Author Rosemary McDunn's The Green Coat. The twelve-year-old main character is a true role model for young girls as she learns to lean on God during the hard times of the Dust Bowl years. The bravery of this young heroine is remarkable, and McDunn's writing talent shines on every page as she describes the pain and hardship people had to endure during this difficult time in American history. One of my personal favorites!

Be sure to visit the above websites to learn more about these and other encouraging, delightful books from Catholic publishers. I just know your children, grandchildren, Godchildren, and students will be pleased to receive them.

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