Sadly Seen In Stores: Nasty Notes

It's one of those things that you can't believe you're actually seeing until you see it. A company actually creates and produces these things? And who is the person who is sitting at his or her office desk coming up with these ideas? Is he or she sitting there on a Tuesday morning with a cup of coffee and tapping a pencil against the side of the temple, deep in thought? Then, it comes like a lightbulb: "I know! I'll design notepads in the shape of a murdered body! And how about rubber stamps that tell someone 'screw you! I hate you!' Yeah, that will be GREAT!"

And the sad thing is, it sells. I think we have completely stripped away the great human dignity that God has given us with these items, sadly seen in a bookstore last week:

Is this how low we have sunk? This is humorous? A murdered chalk outline with a bloody pen? Truly?

With stamps like these, don't expect any social invitations. Ah, notice the delightful 'WTF' sticky notes in the background. Charming. Who is going to be the lucky recipient of a "You Suck" stamp on his or her next letter?

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