Restoring The Reverence, Restoring The Sacred

When is the last time you went to a procession on the feast of Corpus Christi? Had a Holy Hour at your parish? Lit a prayer candle in front of a statue? Stood in a nice, long line for Confession? Been to Benediction? Watch this video (in full screen; it looks better!) of a church in Omaha that completely turned around, with the help of a new priest who yearned to restore sacred traditions to his parish. Your heart will soar to see what has happened to a poor parish with declining attendance when a young pastor takes over.

Give people the TRUTH in beauty and in reverence, and they will come. I've seen it happen at a parish near me. We, the folks in the pews, are absolutely STARVING for it. May there be more parishes like this one throughout our country...hundreds and hundreds of them. May God bless this holy priest!

"A glimpse of Heaven" at every Holy Mass! Bring on the incense!

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