Book Review: Elizabeth—A Holy Land Pilgrimage

Good, Catholic fiction of the modern era is not that easy to come by, so when I picked up Cheryl Dickow's Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage, (Bezalel Books  I was so excited to finally find a tale I could relate to.  Elizabeth is fast approaching middle age like me (perhaps I'm already there!), and takes a solo trip away from her husband and teenaged kids. Her two-week spiritual respite is in Israel, where Elizabeth discovers more about the Jewish roots of Catholicism. Readers will be drawn in to the story of the friends she meets, the sights and sounds of Jerusalem, and her emotional walk down the Via Dolorosa. I've never been to Israel but I felt like I was there with her, sipping tea, praying, and reflecting calmly and peacefully about what God means to each of us. I felt like I was on a religious retreat with a good friend. Elizabeth returns to her family with a renewed sense of purpose as a woman, a wife, and a mom. For weary moms everywhere, I highly recommend a retreat with Elizabeth!

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