Coming Fall 2013: The Gate

Dear readers, you have been so patient with me,  and I thank you for that! I can finally say that my new novel for children, The Gate, will be available, God willing, this fall!

This book has been a labor of love for me for almost two years, but God's Most Perfect Timing is just that—and whatever He wants, I want! Right now the book is in the editing stage and is being reviewed by several holy priests and editors. Their suggestions and comments are certainly valuable in making The Gate the very best book it can be! I think I can honestly say that for me this was the most difficult book to write, but I believe it has also been the most spiritually fulfilling.

More information and a picture of the cover will be coming soon, but I wanted to share a little about The Gate.  It is not another Olivia book, as so many of you have been asking. It centers around the life of a 13-year-old boy named Josh, who is entering 8th grade. It is my sincere prayer that this book reaches many young souls—both boys and girls—who will come to understand Christ's loving mercy, as beloved sons and daughters of God. Just as in Olivia and the Little Way and Olivia's Gift, The Gate is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and is a wholesome, entertaining story that can be enjoyed by many ages.

I wish I could share more now, but I will have to wait!

I guess now I should start thinking about writing a third Olivia book!

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