Just A Thought For Today...

Catholicism and CCD in the 1970s and 1980s: It was a lot of ugly, green felt banners with cutouts of wheat and fish, feel-good songs centered around ourselves instead of God, and "Jesus loves you." Sin was never mentioned. So no one ever knew if they were sinning or not. Eucharistic Adoration? A novena? Sacramentals? Genuflecting? Going to Confession? Nope. So for years I've been catechizing myself and wondering how I lived for so long not knowing anything. So many of my friends have the same complaint. I would have been saved a lot of grief dealing with everyday stuff if I had really learned about the Faith and had a friend in Heaven like St. Therese to love and to help me through. So I guess that's my motivation for writing these books, so these young kids can learn the TRUTH about our faith and how BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED it is. I'm thankful my parents were able to teach me what the CCD instructors would not. So I don't apologize for writing authentic Catholic books. I say: Bring on the holy water, the Adoration, the sacramentals, the Sacraments! Bring on the saints, bring on the Eucharist! Bring it all on!

May crownings? Eucharistic processions? Beautiful statues of Blessed Mother? A Monstrance? Anyone?? 

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