Is It Spring Yet?

Well, I seem to have been gone a very long time from this blog. Is winter over? Is it spring yet? I guess I've been hibernating under a pile of snow, waking up from a looooooong Michigan winter! Lent's over, it is the Easter season, and we have two new saints to approach for their heavenly intercession. Things have been busy for me and my family over these last months, but my dear readers are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Thank you all for your kind words about my newest novel for pre-teens, The Gate.

One of the things I was blessed to be able to do this winter was to have an interview with the folks at I had to laugh when I saw the interview the other day online for the first time. It appears as if I haven't seen a movie since the 1984 version of "The Karate Kid." I don't get out to the movies much, but I can promise you that I've seen many movies over the years since then! I had to laugh at that. In reality, at the time of the interview, it was the most recent movie I had seen, popping it into the DVD player with the family. Sandra Casali LewAllen, who illustrates my books with her lovely drawings, texted me and said, "Girlfriend, we need to get you to the movies!" I expect to be teased about this for a long time to come! Ha ha!

The link to the interview is here, and I hope you enjoy it!

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