A New Parish In Town!

Our family enjoys setting up our Dept. 56 Charles Dickens village every year. We always wanted a church for the village scene, but unfortunately could never find a Catholic church for the set. Apparently the company does not make one.

This year I had an idea: Why not find one and transform it? With the help of eBay, I was able to find a gently used church piece that I liked from the Dickens collection, at a great price. I searched online and also found an outdoor nativity scene that would fit the theme. My teenaged son was happy to get creative and created a sign for the new parish in town, including times for Sunday Holy Mass. He also renamed the church St. Mary's. We even found a tiny little crucifix to glue to the top of the church. 

We absolutely love St. Mary's and it is our favorite piece to the set. The Charles Dickens village now has a Catholic church in town for the faithful! Now we need a little house for a rectory. That will be my next project!

Gloria in excelsis Deo!

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