Summer Reading Discussion Questions

 Jessica over at the Shower of Roses blog snapped this photo of her daughter reading Olivia's Gift while cleaning up outside. She gave me permission a couple of years ago to post it here and I couldn't resist posting it again since it is so cute!

Talking about The Gate with a young reader at Celtic Cove Catholic bookstore. 
I've been hearing that Olivia and the Little Way, Olivia's Gift, and The Gate have made it onto many Catholic school summer reading lists, and it makes me happy that young readers will be getting to know St. Therese and St. John Bosco over their summer vacations!

Did you know there are discussion guides for each book? Teachers, parents, and book club leaders email me at Nancy(at)harveyhousepublishing(dot)com often to request the free PDFs, and I would be happy to email them to you as well! They include valuable questions for readers to talk about as they read the books.

Are you reading Olivia and the Little Way, Olivia's Gift, or The Gate (or all three!) on your summer vacation? Send me a photo like the ones above and I will be happy to include it on my blog! Happy reading!

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