Pro-Life 'Tween Novel: Olivia's Gift

"Parents looking for a book that...promotes wholesome Christian values and the Catholic faith will want to get their hands on Olivia's Gift. Pro-life values are subtly underscored in a moving chapter...and Olivia's turning to her favorite saint for help ultimately leads her to do the right thing, after taking a few wrong turns along the way. Even better, her example influences her friends to become better persons themselves."

                                                                —San Antonio Today's Catholic

Recipient of the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval

Catholic Press Association Award Winner

Winner of Royal Dragonfly Book Award, Children's Chapter Books

It wasn't my first intention to write Olivia's Gift as a pro-life novel, but as the story unfolded in my mind and heart, I knew the Holy Spirit was asking me to have this important theme running throughout the story. It's done in an age-appropriate way, with opportunities for parents and teachers to expand as much as they need to. Taught in Catholic schools, home schools, and parish classrooms, Olivia's Gift challenges and educates young readers as Olivia encounters people on her family vacation who teach her what the gift of life truly is. With a pro-modesty theme as well, it is a wholesome Catholic story for all ages. I wrote a discussion guide for teachers and parents to use alongside Olivia's Gift. If you are interested, please email Guide (at) Harveyhousepublishing (dot) com and I will email you the PDF free of charge. A visit to the same website will provide more information about this Catholic 'tween novel.

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