My "Gal Pal" Therese And The Beauty Of Friendship

Dear readers: A good friend of mine once referred to the Little Flower as my "gal pal." I had to laugh when she said it. It sounded cute. But I think of that often, because I like to think we are, indeed, gal pals. Good friends. Good girlfriends.

Another friend of mine said almost the same thing recently: She mentioned that I am a friend to St. Therese. That really got me thinking: could I be a friend to her, just as she is to me? The thought had wonderful appeal. It is so nice to think that I can be a friend to her, too. That it's not just a one-way street, me asking for favors from Therese.

Think about your friends. What if the only basis to your friendships was that you asked them for favors and they gave them to you? And you did nothing for them in return? Would that be a true friendship?

I think a friendship, even with a saint, should work both ways. I got to thinking: what could I possibly do for a saint in Heaven? Little old me here on Earth, a mere human? Maybe my friend thought that, perhaps with the writing of Olivia and the Little Way, I am a friend to St. Therese. I am spreading the word about her and her Little Way of serving God to hundreds of children, hopefully thousands.

But you certainly don't have to write a book to be a friend to Therese. By simply trying your best to follow her Little Way each day, you are showing your love for her and for Jesus.

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