Nudges From Heaven

Me and Sandra-- we love to sign books!

Dear readers:
Writing a book takes a lot of time and a lot of people to make it work. The author isn't the only one creating the story; illustrators have a big job creating, too. They read the story before it is published and get to create the characters and setting and make it come to life on the page. Sandra Casali LewAllen sketched all of the pictures for Olivia and the Little Way. Everyone thinks she did a fantastic job! When she asked me what Olivia should look like, I told her my only request was that she be a normal-looking girl with long, brown hair. I didn't want her to be so beautiful that she looked like she belonged in a glossy magazine, like she wasn't real. I wanted her to look like a regular girl, someone everyone could relate to. Mrs. LewAllen decided to model Olivia after her daughter, Sarah. Lots of people say that the resemblance is incredible; sometimes kids at school think Olivia is walking down the hallway!

Sketching the illustrations and drawing the cover of the book took a lot of Mrs. LewAllen's time. She used her talent to help spread the message of St. Therese to kids like you, so you would be inspired by St. Therese's Little Way through her lovely pictures.

You know how authors can sometimes get writer's block? Illustrators can get it, too, and it isn't easy! When I was sharing some of my writer's block moments with Mrs. LewAllen, she told me that, once or twice, she had some of her own, too. I told her that St. Therese had helped me through mine by giving me ideas and inspiration when I needed it. Mrs. LewAllen laughed and said that the Little Flower had assisted her, too! I thought that was very special, and it further motivated us to do our very best work on this book. It was wonderful and such an honor that both of us felt her nudging us and directing us during the project. We are so happy you are enjoying Olivia and St. Therese through the writing and the illustrations of this book!

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