Just An Ordinary Day?

"In my Little Way there are only very ordinary things."—St. Therese

Dear readers:

The Little Way.  

Much has been written about it over the century since Therese has gone to be with God.  Many books have been written, describing the spiritual childhood of this Way of living, of embracing suffering to grow closer to Jesus, of sacrificing one's desires, of praying for sinners. The little Carmelite nun who never really went anywhere, who prayed for missionaries in her cloistered cell, loved our Blessed Mother, and adored flowers and a fun, innocent prank or two was declared a Doctor of the Church for her teachings. And her parents, Louis and Zelie Martin, were recently beatified in Rome, which means they are on their way to sainthood.

All of this fanfare for a simple young woman who only wrote her life's story because her older sister Pauline (and prioress of the convent) asked her to.  Therese was such a good storyteller and Pauline knew the joys and sorrows of Therese's life should be recorded.  (Terribly ill with tuberculosis, Therese penned her story, and when it got too painful to use pen and ink, had to use a  pencil instead.)

Therese said that only ordinary things make up her Little Way. Praying for someone who has hurt us. Not always having the last word.  Holding the door open for someone even when we're in a hurry.  A smile for someone who could use it.  Ordinary things, but very pleasing to God.   We think Therese  is quite extraordinary, but she would never agree to that.  She once said, "I am too weak to climb the rough stairway of perfection."  She thought of Jesus as the elevator that would take her to Heaven.

Olivia tries to follow the "ordinary" Little Way by doing small things with great love.  What can you do in the grind of everyday life to follow it, too?  

What ordinary things can you do to please God? Make today an ordinary day! 


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