A Present For A Little Baby Boy

"What God has given me has always pleased me, even the things which appear to me less good and less beautiful than those which others had." —St. Therese

Dear readers:
In these waning days of Advent, it is hard to be patient. My own two children told me the other evening that they just can't wait until Christmas comes. The excitement has been building since before Thanksgiving (which distresses me...too early!) and sometimes it seems like Christmas will never come.

But it will come, and it always does. In these last days of Advent, while we wait these final hours, let's continue to use this time to think about how we long for the arrival of Baby Jesus on Christmas Day, how we anticipate him entering our hearts then, and how grateful we will be when he does come.

Dear God: When Christmas Day comes, and we open our presents, let us remember what St. Therese said so long ago (above). Let us be pleased with and grateful for what You have given us in Your generosity. There will many who will receive more than us this Christmas, and so, so many more who will receive much less. Let us remember this as we think of the real reason for this day. It is Jesus' birthday, not ours. Please help us to remember that the very best present we can give this Little Baby Boy is peace to those around us, and our love and gratitude to You. Amen.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas, dear readers. Let us keep this Little Baby Boy in our hearts always!

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