Come to Lisieux, World Center For St. Therese Pilgrimage

Dear readers:
I took this photo in Darien, Illinois, at the Society of the Little Flower. I just fell in love with the framed poster. It is written in French, Therese's native language. It reads: Lisieux, World Center For Pilgrimage, Twenty Minutes from the Sea. If you look very closely above the beautiful basilica, you can see the image of St. Therese above it. Look closely! She looks like she is in the clouds. Look at all of the pilgrims flocking to see the Basilique-Sainte-Therese, or Basilica of St. Therese. I wish I could be one of them. One of my life's goals is to go to Normandy, France to see the Lisieux streets where Therese walked, her home Les Buissonets, the basilica, and the Carmelite convent she lived in there.

Built on a hill, the gorgeous basilica has over two million visitors a year and is big enough to hold 4,000 people. Little Therese would be so amazed to see such a grand church built in her honor! It took about 25 years to build and was funded entirely by donations from countries all over the world who have devotions to her. Because of this, the church contains 18 minor altars offered by different nations. The inside of the basilica is supposed to be beautiful, with many gorgeous mosaics.

One day, God willing, I will take a pilgrimage to Lisieux.

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