Lights, Camera, Action! The movie about Leonie Martin

Dear readers:

I am so excited to tell you about a new movie coming out next year: Leonie!

Leonie Martin was the older sister of Therese. I would love to discover more about her, so I am eagerly waiting for the film to come out. Leonie was sort of the "black sheep" of the Martin family: rebellious, slow to learn, cranky, awkward. Suffering from physical illness and emotional problems, Leonie especially caused her mother Zelie an awful lot of concern and worry. She tried to enter the convent like her sisters three times. She left every time. She finally overcame her indecision and became a Visitation nun, where she peacefully fulfilled her vocation and was well liked among the rest of the sisters.

Therese's older sister, Leonie Martin

The "Visitation Sisters" enjoy a little break from filming.


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