Day Five—Forgiving

Dear readers:
Day Five of the post-feast day  novena talks about hurt feelings.  Therese, a very sensitive child, suffered from hurt feelings often.  She was teased by the other girls at school for being smart and a bit of a loner.  We have all suffered from hurt feelings.  The question is:  How do we deal with it?  Do we hold grudges?  It was hard for Therese, most definitely, but she knew God was asking her to forgive, and so she did.  We can all learn from this grace that God gave her, can't we?


Loving God, You graced St. Therese with the gift of forgiving others even when she felt hurt and betrayed. Help us to be able to forgive others who have wounded us, especially...(Can  you think of someone?  Place his or her name here).  Amen.

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