A Little Spring Cleaning

Maybe I've been watching too much Home and Garden TV lately, but I was in the mood for a makeover here on my blog. I was inspired. I was up late. These things happen!

I decided to "paint the walls"; yellow is my favorite color, after all!

I also decided to "de-clutter"; I felt like my old layout was a bit too busy, too colorful, too much going on that competed with the content.

I did a little "housecleaning" too, by cleaning it up a bit and making the font easier to read.

Lastly, I did some "updating" by inserting the new Harvey House Publishing logo (I love it! Thank you to Roseann Nieman at Niemanartgraphics.com).

And I also introduced the title of my new book, the sequel to Olivia and the Little Way, called Olivia's Gift. It should be released later this year. Of course I will keep you all updated as to its release date.

I hope the "housekeeping" changes I've made here make it a more pleasant place to be. It's fun to spruce up now and then. Enjoy!

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