A Broken Coffee Pot And A Reminder

I broke the glass carafe on my coffee pot this morning; it's the second time this year that I've broken one.

Sigh. I really liked that coffee maker.

It reminds me of the time St. Therese, while she was in the convent, had a favorite water pitcher in her room. The cloistered Carmelite nuns didn't have much: a simple bed, crucifix, Bible, and a rosary. Each sister also had her own pitcher as well. She really liked the one she had. It was a simple, little luxury to her. One day, she came back to her room and found another water pitcher there. This one was older and cracked. She was disappointed, but, true to her Little Way, said nothing and tried to get over it.

Angrily, I looked down at my cracked glass carafe. No way of saving it, obviously, so it went into the trash. Buying a replacement carafe is just about as expensive as buying a brand-new coffee maker, which I never understood.

Well, there is no use getting attached to things, is there? As St. Therese wrote, "Oh, how well I know that happiness is not found in the things around us. It is found in the secrecy of the soul." This, of course, is where God resides.

I remember the time one of my boys was a toddler and accidentally broke a little knick-knack at my husband's grandma's house. I was embarrassed and felt terrible. I wanted to replace the item, but his grandma immediately said to me: "Nancy, it's okay, really. People are more important than things." She was following the Little Way, caring more about others' feelings than her own. I have never forgotten that.

I stood there inspecting the broken glass. The boys looked a little concerned at MY concerned face; after all, what's a writer to do without her coffee? But I looked at my sons and said, "Well, here's today's blog!" They know I am always looking for ideas for my blog...and for new coffee pots.

God has such a sense of humor!

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