On Father's Day—The Father Of St. Therese

Therese, about age 15, with her father, Bl. Louis Martin

Therese was very close to her father, Louis. They went fishing together, on long walks and picnics, and played games. He used to push her in her swing, and she'd yell, "Higher! Higher!" After her mother died, he took such good care of her and her older sisters. Louis used to call Therese his "Little Queen." Now, both of Therese's parents, Zelie and Louis Martin, are declared Blessed.

For the Privilege of Fatherhood

Men undertake many projects—some very
temporary, others long-lived. All projects will end
sometime, from the smallest home repair to the
largest business enterprise. But not a child.
A child is forever. Helping create and develop a
new human life is the most—to use an overworked word—
truly awesome thing I will ever do.
The roles of "husband" and "father" are the most
important roles I will ever be called to fill.
God, help me understand—with humility and gratitude—
the significance and importance of these roles.
Help me remember this when my children are
making me proud or saying, "I love you, Dad,"
and also when being their father is challenging
and difficult.
Above all, thank You for allowing me the privilege
of being a father.

Celebrate Fathers, Prayers and Reflections on Fatherhood, Ligouri

Happy Father's Day!

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