Catholic Fiction For Kids

I love writing Catholic fiction for kids. They're underfed, as far as I am concerned, in the Catholic book world. Last weekend I was honored to have been invited as a guest speaker for the American Heritage Girls group out of St. Anastasia Catholic Church in Troy, MI. They were hosting a mother-daughter tea and it was just lovely. Red rose petals were strewn about the tables. As I approached the pretty table, I had to smile. It was such a nice "hello" from The Little Flower to see those rose petals!

We started the afternoon by saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The young girls reverently prayed the chaplet with their mothers. I was impressed by how patient they were, considering the tables were full of yummy treats like cookies and brownies! Dressed in their Sunday best, the girls and their moms listened as afterward I spoke about St. Therese and her Little Way. My favorite part was answering their questions during Q and A time. I asked them a question of my own: Why do you think there is such a lack of Catholic fiction books for kids? No one knew the answer. I myself don't even know the answer, but I sure wish I did. We see plenty of offerings for Protestant children at Christian bookstores. In the Catholic Christian bookstores, the pickings are slim.

I was happy to talk to the girls' mothers as I signed books later that afternoon. "Thank you for doing this," they all said to me. "We need more Catholic books for our children."

A sweet little girl came up to me, holding one of the rose petals from her table. She had a big grin on her face.

"I made my First Communion today," she gushed. "And I'm taking this home and putting it on my dresser. So I can think of St. Therese."

She told me her name was Olivia.

I felt tears forming when she said that. Good thing I wear waterproof mascara for these events!

It is indescribable, the feeling I get when these girls come to me to tell me that ever since they read Olivia and the Little Way and/or Olivia's Gift, they have become fast friends with St. Therese. That was my prayer all along when I started writing Catholic fiction for kids.

"Will you write more?" the moms always ask me.

The Good Lord willing, that is my plan!

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