Catholic Summer Reading For Kids

I'm delighted to find out that more and more parents, teachers, principals, and book clubs are choosing Olivia and the Little Way and its sequel, Olivia's Gift, for their summer reading choices for both boys and girls. Catholic pre-teens and teens will be enjoying fun, wholesome, faith-filled reading over the summer break with these books. The events in Olivia's Gift even take place over summer vacation, while Olivia, Hayley, and the Thomas family take a trip to the Atlantic Ocean. While at the beach, Olivia and Hayley meet new friends and new challenges. Grandma Rosemary is back, even fiestier than ever, with a brand-new recipe that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your family's next barbecue or potluck! Hint: It goes great with grilled chicken!

There is also no time like the present to introduce the pro-life theme to kids. It is woven throughout Olivia's Gift in a gentle and nonthreatening way for boys and girls of all ages to understand. It is also a wonderful time to encourage Catholic kids to celebrate the holy sacraments of our church, especially Reconciliation, as illustrated when Olivia receives the sacrament while on vacation. She also goes to Eucharistic Adoration, and receives many special graces because of it.

So find a shady spot under a tree, or grab a beach bag and a towel, and enjoy Olivia's adventures as she discovers that God is never far away—even on vacation!

Both books can be autographed by author Nancy Carabio Belanger to your children if ordered at the Harvey House Publishing website:

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