Goin' Down Memory Lane

I am laughing at the responses I am getting from readers at the post I wrote about The Beatles, below! It seems people are interested in my Beatles performances with Caroline.  Never one for wanting to let my readers down, I contacted Caroline. Good friend that she is, she dug out this old picture of us from the school talent show. We are in the fifth grade here. While Caroline and I are impersonating another British group here (a Cockney duo by the name of Chas and Dave...please don't ask!), you can still see us as we looked then, entertaining the entire school with a little gig that even included me on the "electric guitar!"

We paid a boy in our class named Frank 50 cents to create this cardboard guitar, as he claimed he was an "expert" and would do a nice job. We were a bit underwhelmed when he brought it to school the next day, but beggars can't be choosers.  Caroline and I wore matching polyester pantsuits she and her sister owned with a British flag emblem on them. Yup. We thought we were stylin'.  Here's my little guitar solo.  I still cannot believe I did this in front of an entire auditorium of teachers, parents, kids, and the school principal! It never even occurred to me to be embarrassed, either.  I am cringing just looking at this!  Oh help!

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