Foul Mouths: the New "Thing"

There's a Facebook post that's gone viral. Well, what Facebook post hasn't these days? But this one takes the cake. It's a note from a mom of six children to her husband as she goes off on a girls' weekend with friends, a much-needed respite, of that I am sure. Most of the moms I know (myself included) have all needed a little break from the demands of hearth and home! The note about how to take care of the kids while she was away would have been cleverly written and funny, if not for that fact that  it was peppered with the most foul language you've ever read. From a mom. About her children. Really? Really? Is that how a mother should talk about her children? So disgusting. Yes, we moms have all had moments where we've wanted to pull our hair out, come on, admit it. Those nights where they won't go to sleep and you can't even see, you are so exhausted. Those days when a trip to the dentist for a filling sounds like a vacation. 

But the language was so bad that it killed the whole funny out of the note for me. I've said this for years: The funniest comedians are the clean ones. Why? Because it takes more intelligence. One has to work harder when one removes the filth from a comedy act. They actually have to use their brains and sense of humor because they don't have the bad language there as a safety net or to pad material. It's just all funny stuff.

I can't help but wonder what her six children will think when they read that note ten years from now. Embarrassment? Shame? Maybe none of those things, maybe pride, who knows? The point is that swearing and foul language... I don't know, you don't really expect or like it when it comes from your mom, do you? I mean, it's never good from anyone, and when you're in those experimental, angsty teen years, it happens, but hearing that kind of language from a mom is just...icky. 

But the language. Oh, it was bad. And I'm no prude, but it was just out of control. F-bombs every sentence, four-letter words, you get the picture. And oh, didn't the mommies out there just eat it up with a spoon. They loved it—every last, foul word of it.

Okay, so there's that. Read it, forget it, and move on. Think of whatever is pure and lovely. Okay, I can do that. Except I can't, because this foul language culture is sadly the norm nowadays. Don't believe me? I hope you're sitting down for this: It's entering the Catholic book world. A new release in Catholic nonfiction has the word "badass" in it its title. It's described as an "edgy, honest, and often audacious book of Catholic spirituality." 

Is there no end to the filth, truly? We've reached a new low. It's crude.

So, I guess when you have a mother of six ranting in a trying-to-be funny letter to her husband about her #$%@ing children and all the $%&* rest (use your imagination; this is a clean blog), then the next step would certainly be...a Catholic book. But do we all want an "edgy" book about Catholic spirituality? The holy lives of the saints aren't enough for us?  And it really doesn't matter what's inside. No matter how well written, I can't get past the title. 

Moms swearing up a storm, foul words in Catholic book titles. 

Sigh. So unlike Blessed Mother. 

So, so unlike her.

God made us for so much more than this.

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