When Parents Have No Say

What happens when parents have no say in their children's moral teaching? What happens when well-meaning parents send their children to a Catholic school and that school fails them by forcing their children to watch a graphic sex-ed video as part of the curriculum? Not only that, if they don't sit through the course, they will get expelled from this school that is supposed to uphold Catholic moral teaching. Parents of students at Father Ryan High School in Nashville, TN are facing this difficult choice right now, and they need our prayers, as does the confused administration at the school.  Apparently what parents say carries no weight with this administration. A petition by TFP Student Action is available to sign here. I hope you sign this petition to stop this atrocity and slap in the face of Catholic parents. They need 15,000 signatures and as of this writing, there are about 6,500. Can you just imagine your child sitting through this trash at school? My heart goes out to these parents, but it's not enough. Sign the petition and spread the word!

Remember that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. 

Enough is enough!

Below is the press release from TFP Student Action:

Sept. 6, 2016:  Going against the will of many parents, Father Ryan High School -- a Catholic institution in Nashville, Tennessee -- is forcing students to sit through a graphic sex-ed course or get kicked out of school.

The explicit material covers contraception, fornication and prostitution in lewd detail.

Concerned parents describe it as:
  • Spiritually harmful.
  • Near occasion of sin.
  • Teaches all about contraception.
According to LifeSiteNews.com, school administrators "told parents that students cannot be opted out from the course, suggesting that when parents send their children to school they hand over their right and duty as primary educator."

But even public schools let parents opt out.

Parents are upset because the purity of their children is at stake.  That's why TFP Student Action invites you to sign your prayerful protest to the school, urging them to scrap the inappropriate course.

Susan Skinner, a Catholic mom whose son goes to Father Ryan High School, said:  "I just don't think my 14-year-old boy needs to see [graphic images] while a girl sits next to him in class. We were told this gets taught or you opt out of the school.  I'm trying to raise Godly children," she said. 

Sign the petition.  Share the petition.  Fight for purity.

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