May 29, 1887

Dear readers:
It's another anniversary of St. Therese's to celebrate! On this day in 1887, when Therese was just 15 years old, she begged her father to enter Carmel, where she said Jesus was waiting for her. The above is a rendering of her asking her father for his permission. He said yes, but it was a while before all of the officials gave Therese their permission. The rule was that you had to be at least sixteen before you could enter the convent. Therese did not want to wait! She was very determined and very upset when the bishop said no. She even went to ask the Pope himself, who told her, "You will enter if God wills it."

Eventually she received permission and entered the Carmelite convent in Lisieux at the young age of fifteen, the youngest to ever enter there.

Today in Lisieux, there is a statue of Therese and her father on a bench to remember that special day.

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