Reader Inspiration

Dear readers: So many of you have told me how much you love Olivia and the Little Way and of course, that makes me very happy! Nine times out of ten, you ask me if I'm writing another book, and if so, could it PLEEEASE be about Olivia again? It seems like most of you would like me to continue her story. I am pleased to say that Saint Therese has given me another heavenly nudge to write a book about Olivia.

I love when you share your comments about future stories when we meet. You all have such wonderful tips and story plot ideas, and you are always so excited when you do so. Sometimes I don't have my trusty little notebook on me at the time, unfortunately! Well, now's a great time to make your ideas heard, dear readers! Send me a quick e-mail with your ideas and thoughts and I will take them all into consideration! The e-mail address is Can't wait to hear from you!

By the way, don't you love the old-fashioned typewriter pictured above? My work is done on a machine that is a bit more modern...a Mac! My favorite features of "new" technology? Cut and paste, and DELETE, of course! Olivia and the Little Way didn't have much deleting, thankfully, but a whole lot of cutting and pasting occurred in the beginning stages. Imagine doing THAT on the Underwood. Something tells me it would be a bit messy!

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