New Book Review From Catholic Exchange

Dear readers:
From what you and your parents tell me, most of you love to read. I always had my nose in a book when I was your age! I couldn't get enough of books. I don't have as much time now to read as I'd like, being a busy mom and author, so I settle for a quick crossword puzzle when I have downtime! But it's summer, so I do plan to take more time to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies.

Is reading one of your favorite hobbies? If so, be sure to make time to enjoy a good book or two...or three...or get the picture! When you do, a great writing exercise (I know, who wants to think about that during the summer? But if you love to write, it could be really fun!) would be to write a book review about the book you just read. What was the basic plot? Did you like it? Why or why not? If you were the author of the book, what would you have done differently? How would the story have been different if it had taken place in a different time period? A different country?

A writer wrote a very interesting book review about my book from the website Catholic Exchange. I thought it did a great job summing up Olivia and the Little Way:

Now go explore a new book! :0

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