A Fun Day at the Archdiocese of Detroit Women's Conference

I had such a nice time at the Archdiocese of Detroit Women's Conference this past weekend. It was a day filled with Holy Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and great speakers. Such lovely, faith-filled women came to say "hi" at my table and shared their stories. One of my favorites was from a mom who remarked happily that her daughter had kept re-reading Olivia and the Little Way. She was so excited to see that the sequel, Olivia's Gift, had just been released!

Another woman came over to tell me that she was so happy to see an author who was dedicated to writing Catholic fiction for pre-teens. "I just love what you are doing," she said emphatically. "Thank you so much, and keep it up!"

An older woman came to tell me how much her mother loved St. Therese. "When she was a little girl, my mother received roses from her," she said lovingly.

But my absolute favorite was a lady about my age who came to visit. "I have a great love for Saint Therese," I explained as I showed her my books.

She looked at me with the sweetest smile ever.

"I know," she said with a nod. "I can tell."

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