One Man's Journey To Freedom: Escape From Behind The Iron Curtain

Coming December, 2010
Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Letters

I was recruited for the special copyediting team at Joseph Karl Publishing for this brilliant, vital book. This epic memoir is a true story.

The first 15 years of his life were spent in exile. After returning to Albania, he experienced firsthand the martyrdom of his homeland through World War II, the civil war that followed, and the subsequent brutal communist domination. He was forced to leave his medical studies, imprisoned, released, and then sent to work in one of the poorest regions in the North. While forced into hard labor he received the physical conditioning necessary for his tenth attempt at escaping the country. He left behind his family to risk a fate worse than death-—capture—hoping for a future and a life free from oppression.

The miraculous story of One Man’s Journey to Freedom: Escape From Behind the Iron Curtain provides a powerfully moving account of the heroic resistance against the destruction of humanitarian principles and persecution behind the Iron Curtain, and reminds us that history could repeat itself at any time and in any place.


“This book has all the ingredients of an exciting novel...drama, romance, suffering, hardship, friendship, sacrifice, betrayal, intrigue, human dignity, human savagery, endurance, expectation, surprise, illusion, disillusion, defiance, defeat, triumph, and much more. The book is full of such beautiful pieces to read along with very interesting events. All is skillfully and truthfully told." -Gjon Bucaj, M.D.
One Man’s Journey to Freedom is Gene’s detailed account of his life history…set against the backdrop of the martyrdom of his homeland. This book not only adds to American historical literature but sheds some light on a neglected part of American history in the Balkans. " -Ardian Ndreca

"One Man's Journey to Freedom shows the tenacity of the human spirit in the face of adversity: How faith guides and protects us, even in our darkest hours." -Nancy Carabio Belanger, author of Olivia and the Little Way and Olivia's Gift

“One Man’s Journey to Freedom is an adventure filled with intrigue, romance, and spiritual depth carefully woven into the life of one man’s journey which will tug at your heart. Gene has written a study of true history put together in a brilliant and succinct way. ” -Mrs. Ronald Schoenstein, M.C.
“Prepare to go on an amazing journey that will inspire you in a special way and touch your soul forever. This is a book destined for greatness, one you will want to share with everyone you know and read more than once!" -Michele Elena Bondi, author, psychologist

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