More Roses During The Writing Of Olivia's Gift!

Last time, I wrote about how St. Therese sent lovely "hellos" to me during the writing of Olivia's Gift. I have another story to share, this time involving artist Sandy Casali LewAllen at the school where she teaches.

On publication day, I texted Sandy in excitement: "OLIVIA IS HERE!"

Sandy hurried over to my house to see the brand-new shipment of Olivia's Gift books. We hugged and congratulated each other on a job well done while my husband and sons snapped photos. It is always a very emotional moment when an author sees her labor of love in print for the first time. It is the same with the artist who has so lovingly created her artwork and holds it in her hands for the very first time.

The very next day, Sandy received a special surprise on her desk in her high-school art classroom: a bouquet of lovely pink roses.

"It was a thank-you for helping them with the charity ball decorations," she told me later. "I was shocked, first of all, that high-school students would even do that." After the shock of the pleasant surprise wore off, she began to work on her computer. Then, glancing up at the roses for another look, "I made the connection. Roses. Hmmmm...."

I haven't told Sandy this yet, but I'm telling it to her here: I know this means St. Therese is happy with your gorgeous work, Sandy!

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