Sadly Seen In Stores: How Disrespectful!

Yes, sadly, it's another installment of Sadly Seen In Stores today, and this time I’ve got my protective back up. It makes me think of one of the many times I heard Father Donald Calloway MIC, a Marian priest with an amazing conversion story, speak at an event. If you have never heard his story of how the Blessed Mother saved him from a life of ruin and despair, you must! One day soon I will post a video clip or two here. He is such an inspiration to everyone who listens to him.

One day, he was talking about his great love and devotion for Our Lady, and how he is so protective of her whenever he hears anyone badmouth her. He talked about the anger he feels when this happens, and it is similar to the anger I feel now when I see a company try to reduce the Mother of God to a joke, a gag item. I saw the items below at a local book shop, and I was not happy.

It’s Our Lady as a sparkly, tacky coin bank. There are Jesus banks, too, which are just as ghastly. It’s making a mockery of Jesus and his Blessed Mother, and I don’t like it! Why do we Catholics put up with this inappropriate, disrespectful garbage?

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