Sadly Seen In Stores

Welcome to another installment of Sadly Seen In Stores. Nothing extremely scientific here, just my observations as a Catholic mom and author who likes to shop, but doesn't always like what she sees for youths. At first I was embarrassed to pull out my camera phone to take pictures of items, but I quickly got over that. You see, it's all in the name of research, so parents know what is out there so you can do something about it if you so choose.

It started in this way: A friend of mine called me one day, disgusted.

"Nancy! You'll never guess what Claire's is selling!" I drove to the store with my camera. I found the item. I was disgusted, too. And a blog entry was born.

Another time, as I was walking through one of the big bookstores, I saw a book with a shocking title. Another blog entry was born. The ideas, unfortunately, were coming fast and furious for a series I have titled, "Sadly Seen In Stores."

The purpose of this series is not to rip on stores, but to make parents aware of what is in those stores, and what their children could be buying. Knowledge is power. As parents we must know what is out there, sadly being marketed to our kids.

Remember the Sears catalog? Here's what young ladies were wearing in 1943:

Fast-forward to today:

Sears caption: Don't hold back; tell them how you really feel with this Hybrid graphic tee.

For those who do well in English class and want the world to know, check out the mousepad below:

But let's get back to the clothing, shall we? Otherwise I could be here all day!

For the young lady who has pre-teen or teen angst toward the 'rents, we have:

Sears caption: Ransom graphic tee shows the world your pain.

But I've saved the worst for last. Feast your eyes upon this sad gem. Really something to brag about, isn't it?

Sears caption: Sparkly glitter and neon colors help you warn the world of the fact that "I Make Good Boys Go Bad" on the front of this Ransom short sleeve tee.


All photos and captions of merchandise are from the website.

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