Here's How I Follow The Little Way!

"St. Therese of Lisieux" by Edward Maxence

Dear readers:
I've got more reader responses to share with you today. Today it's all about how YOU follow the Little Way. I know St. Therese would be so happy to hear about the little things you do each day to please God. Keep it up, everyone!!

"I now find myself thinking about my words and actions more often. This is one of the best books ever."

"Olivia and the Little Way has inspired me to follow the Little Way and to learn more about St. Therese. Olivia reminds me a lot of the bad things I do in my life and how to deal with them."

"You taught me all about the Little Way. I hope to follow it just like Olivia. Thank you for inspiring me."

"Olivia and the Little Way helped me to learn about St. Therese and the Little Way. Your book taught me that being yourself is always the best thing."

"After we read your book in class, I have been trying to follow St. Therese's Little Way. If there is a sequel, I am going to read it."

"I loved Olivia and the Little Way! I read it when it first came out and I was really happy when I found out that we were reading it in religion class. I think it really motivated me to be nicer."

"Your story was helpful because now, whenever I see people throw garbage in my streets, I think of the Little Way, and I pick it up!"

"It's a great thing you made this story so more people can follow the Little Way."

"It was an amazing book, and it really inspired me to do the right thing."

"I hope that I can stay on task and follow the Little Way."

"I am so glad we read Olivia and the Little Way in our class. I really liked your book and the fact that you included a saint. Your book has influenced a lot of sixth graders in our school, even my best friend!"

"I definitely make sure I follow the Little Way. This book has taught me to be nice to people that sometimes make me mad or annoy me, because they might be going through something like Chad in the book."

"This was a great story for me and for everyone! It taught me so much about the Little Way, and how to be a better person."

"Olivia and the Little Way is my favorite book! Your book inspired me to do little things, too. I have started writing books and after reading your book I learned how books can inspire and change people."

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