Rose Pens at the Michigan Homeschooling Conference

Dear readers:
Boom! I had a great idea the night before I left for the 2009 It's Great to be Catholic Book, Curriculum Fair, and Home School Conference in Lansing, Michigan. Why use an ordinary pen to sign books when I can use a pretty pink rose pen? So off I went to Michael's to search for the prettiest rose I could find and some wide floral tape. The result is pictured above. You can make one yourself: Just take a pen and hold it close to the stem as you wrap the floral tape around both. The tape is sticky so it attaches to itself.

Here I am holding the pen at my table! I have to say, it was a great hit with everyone! I also made one with a purple peony. Don't you just love when you can turn ordinary things into special things? And signing books about St. Therese with a rose pen just seems to fit! It's so much more fun than an ordinary Bic pen!

I had a great time meeting readers and future readers of Olivia and the Little Way. I love when you tell me your stories about when St. Therese sent you your roses.

Have a wonderful Father's Day, dear readers!

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