Peer Pressure Is Tough!

Dear readers:
I would like to start a new little feature here on my blog. I have so much fun talking to school groups about St. Therese and Olivia and the Little Way. And the kids I talk to have such great comments and send me such beautiful notes. I would like to share some of them with you in the coming days and months. It is so wonderful to read how kids like you are learning to love the Little Flower and her Little Way. I am very moved and touched by all of your notes, e-mails, and cards. I'll always keep the notes I share on this blog anonymous, because some of the sentiments are very personal. But it will be fun just the same to share them with you all. Most of the ones in the coming blog posts ahead will be from sixth graders. I was very fortunate a couple of weeks ago to speak to about 150 sixth graders—boys and girls— from a local Catholic school. They were all so inspiring to me, with their excellent questions and comments. I could learn so much from all of you! The theme of today's post is peer pressure. Many of you told me that you could relate to the peer pressure Olivia felt from Hayley and Sabrina at her school. Here are some of your comments. And by the way, they are lovely, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"In Olivia and the Little Way, I learned not to give into peer pressure even when you want something but you know it is bad. I have been trying to follow the Little Way by saying "Hi" to to a person who is not friendly to me. I liked how you had all of the enemies in the book become friends. I hope you write another book."

"I thought Olivia and the Little Way was very good and well written. It taught me of St. Therese's Little Way. Hayley, Chad, Jenna, and Olivia were described so well that I thought I knew them so much as if they were my own friends. When Olivia was in peer pressure it showed that God can help us through everything."

"Your book was amazing. It helped me to review what I know about friendship and peer pressure. Usually I don't like books like that, but yours had me hooked. Also, thank you for including the cinnamon chip scone recipe. I just know that they'll be delicious."

"I dearly loved your book. I found it inspirational and enjoyable. I looked forward to reading every day. I enjoyed learning about the experiences and conflicts Olivia went through. Your book showed the true story of peer pressure."

"Your book, Olivia and the Little Way, was very inspirational to me. Now I know to make better choices and not to let in to negative peer pressure. My favorite character was Jenna. Jenna was welcoming, nice, and didn't care what people thought of her. I was happy when Hayley returned the chaplet to Olivia. It was amazing how Olivia's chaplet probably changed Olivia's life forever. After reading this book I know St. Therese is a great role model."

"It was a good book because you learn how to resist peer pressure. Olivia resisted peer pressure by turning to St. Therese for help. Olivia also helped other people like Chad and Jenna. She helped her family by praying for them and spending time with them. Olivia helped her community by making blankets for poor babies."

"I thought your Olivia book was great. I thought it really showed how hard it is to resist peer pressure and make good choices. I liked how Olivia worked hard to make up for mistakes by doing good. Your book was a good way to show people how to resist bad peer pressure and make the right choices."

"I loved your book! I now find myself thinking about my words and actions more often. I love how Olivia struggles with Hayley and Sabrina. I loved how Olivia tries to help Hayley and Sabrina, but yet she helps Hayley when she doesn't even realize it with her chaplet. "

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